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RLE Clearance only charge for the rubbish we actually take and our charges are very competitive. Prices include labour, transport and disposal charges. There are no hidden costs whatsoever.

We do not charge you for parking fees, parking fines or congestion charges. The table below is an approximate guide to our prices. However, we will confirm the price before we commence each and every job and you are under no obligation to accept.

Cubic Yards: 1
Loading Time: 5 min
Price: £60
1/8 Truck
Cubic Yards: 2
Loading Time: 10 min
Price: £90
1/6 Truck
Cubic Yards: 3
Loading Time: 15 min
Price: £110
1/4 Truck
Cubic Yards: 4
Loading Time: 15 min
Price: £130
1/3 Truck
Cubic Yards: 5
Loading Time: 20 min
Price: £150
3/8 Truck
Cubic Yards: 6
Loading Time: 25 min
Price: £170
1/2 Truck
Cubic Yards: 7.5
Loading Time: 30 min
Price: £180
5/8 Truck
Cubic Yards: 8
Loading Time: 35 min
Price: £200
2/3 Truck
Cubic Yards: 9
Loading Time: 40 min
Price: £220
3/4 Truck
Cubic Yards: 10
Loading Time: 45 min
Price: £240
5/6 Truck
Cubic Yards: 11
Loading Time: 50 min
Price: £260
7/8 Truck
Cubic Yards: 12
Loading Time: 55 min
Price: £280
Cubic Yards: 15
Loading Time: 60 min
Price: £300

Extra Items

In order to dispose of some hazardous items in the correct manner, we have to charge for them separately in order to cover the cost of disposing of or recycling them. These items will not be included in the price and are charged as follows:

Extra Labour - per 30mins
Price: £30
Computer Monitors/ TVs
Price: £10
Domestic Fridge/ Air con unit
Commercial Fridge
Price: £80
Car Tyre
Price: £4
Fluorescents Tubes
Price: £2
Calor Gas Bottles
Price: £10
Paint - per 5L
Price: £10
Price: £10

Mixed Builders Waste

Mixed builders waste and heavy commercial waste prices may vary according to the weight. This includes mixed loads of, wet & heavy wood, plaster boards, rubble, tiles, soil, bricks and concrete. Loads up to 18 cubic yards or 2.6 tonnes will be charged at £380.

Rubble, hard core / inert

Approximately, 30 - 35 bags of rubble weigh 1 Tonne (30kg per bag)

Labour allowance

Please note that labour allowance is for 2 men. Our vehicles all have two man teams.

Payment methods

We accept card payments,cash,bank transfers and company cheques. Accounts can be arranged for regular commercial customers subject to credit checks.We don't accept personal cheques.

Need to open an account?

Accounts can be arranged for regular commercial customers subject to credit checks. If you would like to open an account with us please send your request to contact@rleclearance.co.uk

Need more information?

Please call us on 0208 611 2586 or email contact@rleclearance.co.uk for more information.

We do not take Asbestos or chemicals as they are extremely harmful and we are not licensed to dispose of them.